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Uses Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers.

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Area & Watts is an electrical engineering company with professionals holding over 20 years of building services experience in :
• Efficient Lighting System design
• Power system design
• Real time Security Management Systems
• Power factor correction

We acknowledge a PV Solar system as an environmental and financial asset for a facility and should serve up to 20-25 years. We conceptualize, design and engineer installation with a suitable maintenance program to add to the longevity and Net Present Value of the system.

Our mission is to energise homes and businesses with cost-effective, reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions.
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Our solutions comply with and operate under Australian standards for all electrical and PV installations. Our project delivery is further enhanced by the skills and expertise of our CEC Accredited Design capability of experienced Electrical Engineers and the delivery team within and above these standards.

We understand that every client has unique present and future energy-related goals and the solution should be engineered for an optimized performance and scalability
Our installation team is experienced, trained and possesses proven high-quality execution capabilities and are on-boarded through a comprehensive selection and induction program, with safety at its core.
A project is commissioned through an established quality procedure. All the technical parameters are measured and verified through engineering calculations. The system is verified by a supervisor, certified and a warranty is provided.


• Energy Modelling- A business needs to be understood about is energy behaviors and costs before introducing another energy source. We present a monthly breakdown of a business grid consumption, peak demand events and power factor.

• Solar Design- A Good solar design is where performance, return on investment and safety align. We believe an accurate system size isn’t based on roof size, it’s based on accurate financial analysis. Our design process always begins by collaborating with the customer. Understanding the business first is crucial in future proofing an energy asset benefit.

• Electrical- We understand how the solar system will integrate with existing electrical infrastructure before designs are drawn. We adhere to electrical standards including but not limited to AS5033, AS 3000, AS 4777 & CEC Guidelines

• Structural- Our structural team will re-certify any solution that requires a modification. Non-penetrative and penetrative methods of attachment are available, waterproofing and wind rating is considered for each roof type. A qualified structural engineer is involved for all commercial installations

• Shade Study- For the system performance optimization, the solar system layout is planned considering daily shading from the surroundings, throughout the year.

Architects, Facility Managers, Developers, Builders, Local Government Councils Finance providers and Facility owners including Residential, Commercial and Industrial
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