The use of industrial products like steel and iron is the most visible in structural elements, plumbing, cabinetry, hardware and lighting. Wrought iron is another product that is very ornamental yet raw, and that can look absolutely wonderful in every modern home. Also, check out the look and feel of brushed nickel, warm copper and cast iron that will give your interior both an industrial and organic appeal! The best thing about metals is that you can go very small like changing your hardware or go as big as exposing the entire structural skeleton of the building together with metal beams, pipes and wires. 

Expose some brick

Clay brick has been used as a building material for hundreds of years all over the world, especially in the building of the first factories, storage houses and barns. So, show this architectural gem and tear down that cheap drywall. However, if you haven't been blessed with this industrial material, you can create an accent wall with brick veneer that is a great and affordable imitation.

Light it like a boss