If you want to treat yourself for New Year, you should consider remodelling your bathroom. Investing in this project will actually enable you to enjoy an indulging, soothing atmosphere for years to come. Your bathroom can be your personal luxe spa where you can relieve stress, rejuvenate and recharge your batteries. So, start the new year with a bang and a luxurious bathroom remodel.

Choose a tranquil look

When gathering design inspiration for your bathroom, you should focus on features that will help you introduce a sense of peacefulness and tranquillity. A simple, yet elegant and modern design with a few impactful opulent embellishments will truly bring your home retreat to a new level. You can start by choosing a calming colour palette for your bathroom. Going with an open colour scheme of whites, greys, beiges, soft blues and gentle greens will definitely create a tranquil spa vibe. What's more, such a simple, understated environment will radiate with sophistication.

Install elegant flooring 

 No bathroom spa is complete without an elegant, charming tub that inspires relaxation and tranquillity. You can choose a freestanding bath made of natural stone with clean, simple lines and sophisticated appeal. Placing it against a contrasting backdrop can truly accentuate it and let it dominate the entire space. For instance, you can paint a dark feature wall and place a white tub against it. This will create a simple, yet striking contrast that will further elevate your bathroom décor. 

Add a statement lighting fixture
Using lighting properly will set the tone for your entire bathroom retreat, so make sure to pick the right solutions. Elegant bathroom lighting should be subtle and flattering for the best effect. Consider installing dimmer switches since they'll allow you to adjust the light depending on your needs. However, for a truly glamorous flair, you should pick an extravagant lighting fixture and use it as a décor statement. For instance, a mesmerising crystal chandelier will be the perfect addition to a luxe spa bathroom. 

Update the hardware

 Replacing the old hardware is a simple change, yet one that will make a world of difference when it comes to the design of your bathroom. You can experiment with different materials and finishes, but make sure to go with a style that will fit into your bathroom design. For instance, if you want to design an elegant, yet understated look, a matte finish can help you give your bathroom a modern vibe. On the other hand, a gold/brass finish will warm up your bathroom and create a fabulous look, since this will be a major trend in 2019.

Begin the year 2019 with a true feeling of luxury by transforming your bathroom into an opulent home spa.