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> BESS solutions for Commercial & Industrial across Australia
EVO Power provides Australian Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions. Within our Australian factory, our engineers design, integrate and commercialise the best of international and Australian technologies into fully supported, turnkey battery systems that deliver market specific and Australian Standard compliant solutions. With our team's decades of industry experience, key stakeholders are choosing to partner with us to deliver their ESS solutions with local customer support.

> Commercial & Industrial Solutions
EVO Power's NEO Series is a turnkey C&I BESS currently being installed at Hospitals and Healthcare providers; Shopping Centres; Factories; Schools; Farms; Government/Council Buildings; and other C&I Buildings.

Beyond power independence, smart and innovative organisations are becoming early adopters and installing our commercial scale BESS to:
• Reduce retail costs through Energy Arbitrage and Peak Lopping;
• Utilise demand response of their site's loads;
• Earn income through Market Services including FCAS events;
• Secure back-up power and autonomy

> NEO Features
• Flexible and scalable in 100 kW Power and 250 kWh Energy storage increments providing flexibility of paralleling systems into the MW / MWh capacities.

• AC-coupled turnkey battery system is engineered for simple installation saving cost-of-time and the need to build bespoke systems.
• Supplied as outdoor rated (drop-in-place / Pod Style) pre-wired, pre-programmed and technically supported solutions to select installation businesses for on-grid applications.
• Liquid-Cooled Energy Storage, Built-in Energy Management System + PLC, Integrated Fire-Suppression System, Back-up Power functions and proven OEM hardware.
• Advanced monitoring & control software for Solar Self Consumption, Peak Shaving, Scheduling and Grid Services availability (FCAS, Active/Reactive Power & Voltage Control)

• Leading warranties and local product technical support from EVO Power in Australia.
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