Can you save electricity costs without installing solar power?

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Start by taking a look at the lighting fixtures in your property. Changing the light globes from halogen or incandescent bulbs, to high efficiency LED bulbs, is one the quickest and easiest things you can do. Just changing these, can save around 70 percent of the costs to power your lighting.

There several different ways you can save electricity costs without installing solar power, and it's all about finding ways to reduce inefficiency. 

You also want to consider the insulation in your property, which is key to reducing the amount of energy wastage. Insufficient insulation can mean your heating or air conditioning will need to work overtime, so you'll be wasting money on electricity which is constantly leaking out. The better your home is insulated, then the less you'll be spending on heating and cooling. You should also look at the energy efficiency of an old and energy hungry heating or cooling system, because newer systems are going to be more energy efficient, which can make a big impact on your power bills.

Are you ready for some new window fixtures? Installing curtains or shutters that block out the sun can also translate into less heating and cooling usage too. You can also look at planting more shade plants and trees around your property, because this is one of the simplest tricks Architects will use to reduce the sun's impact on a homes' interior, and your power costs.

Lastly, consider the appliances that you're using in the home. Try to avoid using things like cloths dryers where you don't have to, and maybe heat a mug of water in the microwave instead of boiling a full kettle, because you'd be surprised at how much energy appliances like these can use. Also simple things like using blankets in the colder months versus using heaters, will drastically reduce energy costs. Plus, when you're not using appliances and electronics, think about unplugging them, because leaving electronics plugged in results in a very small but consistent drain on the power grid, and on your wallet too.

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