How are solar panels attached to the roof?

How are solar panels attached to the roof?

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There are a number of techniques solar installers can use to attach a solar power system to your roof.

In the case of a metal roof, being either a clip lock or corrugated roof, there will be a series of clamps and brackets that are used on your roof to hold the metal racking and rails of your solar power system. In most instances solar power installers will avoid drilling in to or penetrating your roofing sheets, to reduce the chance of water leaks.

For those with tile roofs, these can be slightly more fiddly for solar panel installers. With these systems, tiles are removed and ground, so the installation team can attach steel brackets to the timber rafters that serve as the support structure the solar power system. Your roof tiles are then re-installed around these brackets, to make it water tight again.

No matter what type of roof you have, making sure you're choosing a high quality and reputable installer will make a huge difference to the system. Not only will it make sure it's all installed properly and inline with the warranty terms, but they be are going to go the extra mile to make sure the system works well and there are no short cuts that could come back to bite you. For example, simple things like using deck tights for roof penetrations, instead of just using blobs of silicon, will help to prevent potential roof leaks and will be a safer long-term solution.

Also make sure you consider the quality of the installation components, like cabling, electrical safety and different parts that make a system. They're just as important in helping to achieve a high quality outcome!

So make sure you pick a high quality and reputable installer for your system, it might cost a little extra at the start, but it will be cheaper in the long run. 

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