How are SolarEdge Home Batteries helping a Collaroy homeowner become energy independent?

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We're here in lovely Collaroy Beach today, and I'm fixing some batteries into an existing solar system that we installed back in 2016. Yeah, so Bill's reinvesting back into his solar system, obviously putting a battery in it. So, this is just going to give him more and more power than what he used before, because he's now storing more of that solar energy and not exporting the excess of what he's not using. So this is a good investment for Bill because he's going to make more money from it and save more money from it.

We believe that the system that we're installing now will probably give us 85% to 90% off-grid power, but as the need for more electric vehicles come on board, there's the potential for more storage. So we've given ourselves the option to expand it if and when it's needed.

- Solarpro are a preferred partner of SolarEdge here in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Been working with them for many, many years, and they're a crucial partner cause we share the same vision of trying to take care of both our customers and our customers' futures long term.

- Now what we're doing is we're actually taking one of those solar inverters out, and we're installing a new 10 kilowatt inverter on the SolarEdge Trade-Up program.

- The customer has been with SolarEdge for a long time. They're embracing the new SolarEdge home battery, and as part of that, we're rewarding that long term relationship with the Trade Up program, where every customer who purchases the battery and the backup system gets a free upgrade from their old SolarEdge inverter to the new cutting edge home hub inverter, that helps become the brains of their new energy ecosystem.

- So we've installed a 10 kilowatt Energy Hub Inverter, we've installed a backup box, and we've installed two 10 kilowatt hour SolarEdge DC coupled batteries. So Bill has now got 20 kilowatt hours of storage. A big reason that he wanted to go with the SolarEdge was he needed a big output.

- I first met David Veal back in 2016. He provided a no nonsense and professional approach, spent a lot of time analyzing our needs, delivered a good product, delivered a very professional service. I've recommended David and Solarpro to many friends. They've all been very satisfied, and I'm back again buying from Solarpro. So I think that that echoes, you know, that the satisfaction that we've had with them.

- Up and running and storing plenty of power for us.

- Yeah, mate, well you're going to have plenty to store, that's for sure. And when we install these systems, I really feel like we're future proofing every house because everyone can move forward with the system they've got and add onto it.

- [Bill] I've got seven kids as a blended family, they've got grandkids coming. I think that there's a real need for for my generation to be serious about trying to reduce our carbon footprint. As a homeowner and a vehicle user, it's one small thing that one individual can do, but if enough of us do it, it makes a difference. It's nice to save some money, but I think you got to look beyond that and think about what you're doing to the planet.

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