What are the benefits of getting a SolarEdge DC coupled battery for your home if you're in Sydney?

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Well people are putting batteries in now because it makes sense. We're putting in maybe five odd batteries a week at this point. A lot of people were sitting around waiting for the price to come down. Well the price didn't come down, in fact the price has almost doubled. Now's the time to do it, the technology isn't going to change. Your battery stores energy, and puts it into the house. The benefits of getting a battery now is it's going to save you money. It really improves the return on investment from the solar system, because you're using more of your solar power. So that speeds up the investment on the solar system.

What we're seeing as well, moving forward, is we're seeing a lot of blackouts, certainly up here on the Northern beaches. Every summer, we're getting more and more of them. So we now have got security, energy security. So if the power's out, your house isn't out of power. So it's a good feeling.

Okay, so the benefit of installing a SolarEdge battery over another brand of battery is the battery is DC coupled. And when you've got a DC coupled battery, the conversion to AC only happens once, which makes that battery 99% efficient. So the outcome of that is we can put as much battery on as we like, because we're not affected by the inverter in an AC coupled battery. We're using the solar inverters battery to do the conversion from the DC, which is from the roof to the AC. So the power's coming directly from the solar panels straight into the battery, and then only coming through the inverter once when it comes into the house to get used. So it's one conversion which makes the most efficient battery on the market.

It's interesting, we spend a lot of time buying solar panels that are the most efficient solar panels, but then we go and put an inefficient battery on. So SolarEdge has really thought of everything and when we install these systems, I really feel like we're future proofing every house.

Well we're actually the oldest installers of SolarEdge in Australia now, we're number eight in the SolarEdge backend. So we're the eighth company in the world to take on SolarEdge. We've had a lot of good support and a lot of good help from SolarEdge throughout the years, and just love working with them because they're always at the forefront of technology. They're pushing the boundaries and they're probably more of an IT company, or as much as they are a solar company. So it's just nice to have that behind you. We can just go back into the bucket and pull out another product, or another technology that's coming forward.

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