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What are the main benefits of buying a solar power system?

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The first and biggest reason most people buy solar power is because it will save you money! After the initial purchase of a solar power system, and given you've bought high quality equipment with strong product warranties from a reputable installer, then by and large it's going to save you money each and every year, for decades to come. There are no real maintenance costs with solar, and aside from the occasional cleaning and system checkups by a solar professional, then it just sits up there making you money.

Purchasing a solar power system brings a wide range of benefits to your home, some of which may not have occurred to you.


It also means you're insulating yourself from power prices that are constantly going up, plus you're using clean and green energy to do it, instead of sending your hard earned dollars to fund dirty coal fired power stations. Plus, many state governments around Australia want to encourage solar power uptake, so there are different rebates to help you buy the system. Plus there are added benefits like feed-in tariffs, which actually pay you for the excess energy you put into the grid.

A solar power system also improves your household's carbon footprint. As a form of green technology, a solar power system means your household is having less of an impact on the earth and carbon pollution by eliminating the fossil fuels needed to power your home.

 Buying a solar power system can also add value to your property. More and more Australians are looking for homes with solar power already connected. If and when you decide to put your home on the market, your solar power system could add significantly to your property's appeal and value. Or if you're a landlord, adding a solar power system could be the drawcard to help secure and keep renters in your property.

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