Why is an Enphase microinverter better for solar power systems on commercial, multistorey and apartment buildings?

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We exclusively use Enphase. My main motivation to start using Enphase was because of the risk of installing DC systems. So we started using Enphase exclusively.

We exclusively use Enphase. My main motivation to start using Enphase was because of the risk of installing DC systems. So we started using Enphase exclusively, the AC microinverter system is inherently safe. Not only that, it is more efficient. You have panels operating individually with their own microinverter so that any mismatch between the panels is not affecting the output of the system. In a DC system, it's as if the panels are in the chain gang. They can only go as well as the slowest guy in the chain gang. With a microinverter system, each panel is running its own race. So you might have one panel out in front, you might have another panel behind, it doesn't matter. They're all producing as much as they possibly can.

We've installed a number of 100 kilowatt systems on apartment roofs. Again, Enphase's advantage there is that we have vision of every single inverter on the roof, every single panel on the roof. So if there's any faults, we know exactly where that fault is. Multiple access to a roof of an apartment, to diagnose and repair, is not needed. We know exactly what we need before we get on site. Again, with apartments, very difficult to design a system using a string system for apartments because you need to keep your voltage below 600 volts.

With Enphase, of course, you've only got 40 volts DC on the roof. The other advantage with apartments is that generally, they've got a lot of plant on the roof, throwing shade and Enphase, of course, being much more shade tolerant, doesn't really matter that much if the panels are shaded for a couple of hours a day. Another advantage in these commercial situations is that no matter how well you measure up and design and try and find every vent pipe, and every air conditioning duct sticking out of the roof, when you get there, yes, you'll be moving panels. 

With a string system, this can be really painful. With a microinverter system, no worries. We'll just move the microinverters over there, run the 240 over there, easy. So lots of reasons to use Enphase in a commercial situation.

So why should people choose Positronic? The most important reason would be experience and longevity. I've been doing solar for 32 years, Positronic has been operating in Brisbane for 15 years. We have many return customers and most of our work is word of mouth, so we must be doing something right by our customers.

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