Why should Australian solar businesses think about partnering with REC as a certified professional installer?

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REC Solar was founded in 1996 in a small silicon factory, and it's grown into a world leading brand with major manufacturing in both Norway and Singapore. REC don't outsource any of our panel manufacturing, we do it all in the one site. We're in full control of every panel that comes into Australia. REC Solar pioneered the split cell, they pioneered the development of it, and they were first to market with the technology. We secured many awards for that innovation. We then transferred all that know-how and technology to our N-type Monocrystalline panels, and now today, to our Alpha series panels.

REC Solar are a great company to work with. We really love the product, we really love the way it fits with what our customers perceive to be important around performance, leading warranties, and a general commitment to quality that we think fits very well with Enphase.

When an installer becomes an REC Certified Solar Professional, they are able to generate through their login portal a manufacturing guarantee, so they get a certificate branded with both their brand and ours, assuring the consumer that the manufacturer will back this installation. REC Solar will guarantee the consumer that even if a installer that's put a system in, let's say 20 years ago, decides to leave the market, that we will bring in another Certified Solar Professional to correct the panel.

It's the confidence in installing a good product. I know I won't see these panels ever again, because they'll just work for the next 25 years.
No callouts?
No callouts. No. And the performance will keep the customer happy, so there won't be any phone calls; "Why isn't my panel doing this?" Basically, the confidence in a good product.

Just last year, REC Solar launched a loyalty program here in Australia, where we have a grading of gold, silver, and bronze, where we offer marketing support and technical support. REC Solar will compensate Certified Solar Professionals for their time when attending to a labor claim.

We recommend REC panels for a number of reasons; they've been in the industry for 25, 30 years, they're a very high quality panel, they spend a fortune on research and development, and they incorporate this research and development into their panels. They have a good, strong warranty. They have good warranty backup. We've never had to call on it, and they're a very pretty panel, as you'll see. They look excellent on a roof. The boys like installing them because they're lovely and square. We can install REC panels with confidence, knowing that they're well built, well made, excellent technology, in fact, and we'll never have to see them again.

Solar installers should be partnering with REC Solar, because one, we protect their business, secondly, we have a market leading product, and thirdly, we have a world-class warranty package, guarantees that we protect their business with both the labor and product warranties that we offer.

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